Saturday 19 January 2019
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Tri-Colour Quinoa & Bulgur Soup

Tri-Colour Quinoa, mung bean & Bulgur Soup سوپ کینوآ سه رنگ، ماش و بلغور

Bulgur is a low fat wheat and very high source of minerals like manganese and iron. Also Bulgur is amazing wheat as fiber, antioxidant and...

Non- Oil Fried Shrimp

Mini Calorie Fried Shrimp نیمرو ی بدون روغن و کم کالری میگو

Combine one small pack of frozen shrimps with mozzarella cheese , Chopped spinach , 4 eggs , dried Rosemary and salt and pepper gently....

Oriental Mix Omelet

Oriental Mix Omelet املت سبزیجات مخلوط آسیایی

The first time you make this omelet, will be the beginning of a Yummy story in your Kitchen. It takes short time to make it but long time...

Cherry vs. Sour Cherry

Cherry vs. Sour Cherry

This is Summer! This is Sun, heat and Vitamin D. It’s also all about happy holidays and free times by managing to your business to...

Low Calorie Celery Stew

Low Calorie Delectable Celery Stew خورشت کرفس کم کالری لذیذ

The Persian Traditional Celery stew is not low calorie since they fry celery chopped deeply and fry the onion chopped base and stew meat(...

NumNum Yellow-Green

NumNum Yellow-Green خوشمزگی زرد و سبز

It takes just 10-12 minutes to create and cook a NumNum meal / snack. I just check out freezer or refrigerator to make a delicious easy...

Pepper Mixed Grilled Appetizer

Mix Grilled Pepper Appetizer فلفل های مختلف کبابی اشتها آور

This recipe is really healthy & low calorie. As a Snack or appetizer. Peppers are rich in Vitamins such Vitamin A, C,E,K  and B family...

Bread benefits

Wholegrain Bread gives you, Energy نان پر غلات بهتون انرژی میده

Bread is an important part of our daily meal. It is rich in fiber, Vitamins, minerals, protein and energy-providing carbohydrate.  Some...

Carrot-Celery- Apple Juice benefits

Carrot-Celery- Apple Juice benefits فایده های عالی آب هویج ، کرفس و سیب

What about Fresh Mixed Carrot + Celery and apple juice? I am just writing this article not only aim to lose weight but also keep your good...

Light Carrot-Pistachio cupcakes

Light Carrot-Pistachio Cupcakesکاپ کیک های سبک هویج و پسته

You will love the taste of these cup cakes and joy of light and low fat sweets. For 12 small cupcakes or One whole Single round-cake frame,...