Saturday 19 January 2019
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Category: Persian Traditional Meal

Homeynumnum KooKoo Sabzi

Homeynumnum KooKoo Sabzi Or Special Persian Veg.Cutlet

We have many many Cutlet varieties. Nowadays Only Vegan could create and fry or cook amazing tasty cutlets. The Traditional KooKoo sabzi is...

Ash Reshteh Persian Thick soup

Ash Reshteh Persian Traditional Thick soup

I have read in Wikipedia that there are more than 50 types of Traditional Persian Soups varieties. WoW… “Ash Reshteh” is...

Persian Broad bean-rice wt chicken

My Mom’s Persian Recipes are incredible delicious دست پخت های مامانم افسانه ای خوشمزه است

Broad bean is one of my favorite beans that I could digest easily and its taste is awesome. Broad bean is amazing source of Iron, folic...

KooKoo Sabzi-Soya

KooKoo Sabzi-Soya… Worry-Free, Diet-Free :-)

KooKoo Sabzi means in Persian: Vegetables Cutlet and if you don’t fry it deeply, would be Diet-free meal. I like the change  so I...

Salad Shirazi

Salad Shirazi سالاد شیرازی

Persian People love to have this traditional Salad we call it: Salad Shirazi. Shiraz is one of the amazing city of south of Iran. Its great...

Low Calorie Celery Stew

Low Calorie Delectable Celery Stew خورشت کرفس کم کالری لذیذ

The Persian Traditional Celery stew is not low calorie since they fry celery chopped deeply and fry the onion chopped base and stew meat(...

Specific Greenness of Vegetables

Specific Greenness of Vegetables تازگی و شادابی خاص سبزیجات

We should thank God for all Special Gifts and delicacies. Notice that Fresh Healthy foods are more available and cheaper in any countries...

Gilac Restaurant- Park Prince- Tehran

This is Gilac Restaurant: Where you should try even once in your life :-) این رستوران گیلک ه

WOW! It’s Gilac Restaurant. Gilac Restaurant placed in Tehran- Vanak Sq. Shiraz shomali – Park prince complex.  This Gilaki...

Bonab Restaurant-Tehran

Persian Distinctive Kebab کباب ممتاز ایرانی

Persian Kebab is different! You don’t believe me till you try the Persian kebab varieties. In my onion, all kebabs are delicious and...

Persian Traditional GhormehSabzi

Persian Traditional GhormehSabzi Stew قرمه سبزی، خورشت سنتی ایرانی

This Stew is very delicious with low-sour taste. Maybe some Turkish or Persian family like to make it more sour and salty. Ghormeh means...