Saturday 19 January 2019
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Green Thick Soup

Vegetables thick Soup سوپ غلیظ سبزیجات

I have talked about that 7mixed grains That I always buy from waitrose Supermarket. Soak one glass of this “Soup mix” in the...

Tasty Geant Pirozhki

Tasty Geant Pirozhki & HomeyNumNum spicy Dip پیراشکی خوشمزه گنده با سس( دیپ) تند هومی نام نام

This Geant Piroshki ( Pirozhki) is enough for 3 persons. I am sure you will love to have more. One tuna Can Half pack frozen spinach 4oo...

Spinach-Tuna Fried

Spinach- Tuna Dinner in 10 minutes :-) شام کوکوی تن ماهی و اسفناج در 10 دقیقه

We love to spend minimum time for a healthy fresh meal and enjoy eating  in peace of mind. It is right here: Half pack of frozen Spinach,...

NumNum Yellow-Green

NumNum Yellow-Green خوشمزگی زرد و سبز

It takes just 10-12 minutes to create and cook a NumNum meal / snack. I just check out freezer or refrigerator to make a delicious easy...

Persian Traditional GhormehSabzi

Persian Traditional GhormehSabzi Stew قرمه سبزی، خورشت سنتی ایرانی

This Stew is very delicious with low-sour taste. Maybe some Turkish or Persian family like to make it more sour and salty. Ghormeh means...

20 minutes Green Soup

20 minutes Green Soup سوپ گیاهی بیست دقیقه ای

I was thinking about a light soup with Quinoa.Then I thought if the taste became good, will post my recipe !!! 😀 So, It’s...

Soy Beans matter to our body health

Soybeans matter to Our body health دونه های سویا برای سلامتی مون مهم هستن

In my opinion, Time and Health are two of our life points what we always involve with them and should take care of. I like to make a fine,...

Health Benefits of Yogurt

Yogurt: I love your taste, color and Health Benefits ماست : من واقعاً طعم و رنگ و فایده های سلامتی ت رو دوست دارم

I am a fan of Yogurt, full fat, low fat or non-fat. Yogurt, This white smooth tasty dairy could mix with many type of fresh or frozen...

Fresh Celery+carrot+apple+ginger Juice

My eating plan Works to lose your fat برنامه غذایی من کار میکنه و لاغرتون میکنه

I don’t believe a hard diet actually I don’t believe in tough Diet! But keeping balance and giving shock to the body, is my...

Spinach cutlet

Delicious Spinach & Soy cutlet کتلت خوشمزه سویا و اسفناج

1 kilo fresh or frozen spinach, washed and chopped 1 raw grated potato 2 eggs 200 gr. Soya Food, Soaked in water for 15 minutes 2...