Saturday 19 January 2019
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Potato Salad

Yellowish Potato Salad سالاد زردفام سیب زمینی

Ingredients for 3 persons 2 medium potatoes: cooked in the boiled water Half Can of cucumber pickles : chopped One Rio Tuna Chopped green...

Butterfly Salad

Butterfly Pasta Salad سالاد پاستا پروانه

Boil half pack Farfalle Pasta in the water for 10-15 minutes.Then drain it. Keep it in the separate bowl. Boil also Frozen Mixed...

Barbecue weekend

Dubai Winter weekend gathering

What ever you call Barbecue/BBQ/Barby or Barbeque, does not matter. The important aim is the taste of meat/fish or chicken and most...

Tricolor Farfalle Salad

Tricolor Farfalle Salad سالاد پاستا سه رنگ فارفاله

Easy and healthy way for an amazing light & delicious dinner. Tricolor Farfalle Pasta: boil in the water for 15 minutes and drain. In a...

Soy Beans matter to our body health

Soybeans matter to Our body health دونه های سویا برای سلامتی مون مهم هستن

In my opinion, Time and Health are two of our life points what we always involve with them and should take care of. I like to make a fine,...

Homeynumnum Delightful Spicy Zest

HomeyNumNum Delightful Spicy Zest مزه تند و دلپذیر هومی نام نام

I just here right now guarantee that you will love my fresh tasty Zest. My Hot & spicy zest ( Mezza) made by Love with All fresh...

Fresh Celery+carrot+apple+ginger Juice

My eating plan Works to lose your fat برنامه غذایی من کار میکنه و لاغرتون میکنه

I don’t believe a hard diet actually I don’t believe in tough Diet! But keeping balance and giving shock to the body, is my...

Veggie Chicken Dinner

Vegetables & Grilled Chicken Dinner شام با مرغ بریان وکلی سبزیجات

That makes you feel good if prepare a delicious easy fast dinner and enjoy Your evening. One chicken fillet, cutted any type of fresh...

Spinach cutlet

Delicious Spinach & Soy cutlet کتلت خوشمزه سویا و اسفناج

1 kilo fresh or frozen spinach, washed and chopped 1 raw grated potato 2 eggs 200 gr. Soya Food, Soaked in water for 15 minutes 2...

Quick pasta-calamari appetizer

Quick pasta-calamari appetizer اردور فوری فوتی ماهی مرکب و پاستا

All you need : 200 gr. Calamari, cleaned and washed 100 gr. fresh mushrooms 100 gr. frozen shrimps 100 gr. cooked in boiled water and...