Saturday 19 January 2019
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Chicken broth, Quinoa & Mushrooms plus soup

Chicken broth, Quinoa & Mushrooms plus soup

Simply Make it: Chicken broth One big pack of fresh mushrooms, chopped Mixed vegetables: Chopped spinach, parsley, dill, Basil, celery,...

Luftig Moment

Luftig Moment لحظاتی خنک و شادی بخش

These Juicy ice cubes make your moment much cooler and sweeter. In a blender you mix the fresh mixed berries and one spoon honey and lemon...

Limey Soup

Limey Soup

In a soup pan, pour 2 chopped onions, one tablespoon tomato paste and 3 chicken thighs. fry for 2 minutes and add water. Let it boils and...

Mini Juicy Watermelons

Mini Juicy Watermelons هندونه های کوچولوی آبدار

There is always a chance to find a juicy sweet red watermelon. I found these mini watermelons in Um Al Quwain- UAE. Watermelon is about 92%...

Parsley- Spinach salad

Parsley- Spinach salad

Parsley is one of  amazing aromatic vegetables that relief the bones and joints pain. Spinach and parsley both  help to lose weight....

Artichoke benefits

Artichoke benefits مصرف سالاد آرتیشو میتونه لاغر نگهتون داره

Artichoke contains high fiber and it’s great for your diet while keeps you full and guarantee your health. Artichoke leaf extract...

Carrots Chicken Mini macaroni

Mini Macaroni Lunch

I like these mini macaronis. You can make any type of macaronis, salads or lasagne. This lunch is very easy. In a frying pan, pour one big...

My Lime benefits for Skin

Lime is “All in One” for me & You : Skin & Body care

I am sure you remember my own Lime tree and limes in the balcony specially under Dubai heat They are awesome. Besides of all Lime/Lemon...

Heavy But Healthy Omelet

Heavy But Healthy Omelet

This omelet seems Healthy but Healthy and delicious enough to serve your dinner or lunch with Friends and family. One whole chicken fillet:...

Chicken Broth Pasta

Chicken Broth Pasta پاستا با سوپ مرغ

What made me to think about ” chicken broth pasta”? When I cooked chicken for ” Tahchin” (Persian traditional Polo)...