Saturday 19 January 2019
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Category: Homey NumNum

Ash Reshteh Persian Thick soup

Ash Reshteh Persian Traditional Thick soup

I have read in Wikipedia that there are more than 50 types of Traditional Persian Soups varieties. WoW… “Ash Reshteh” is...

Magic of zucchini Salad

Magic of zucchini Salad معجزه سالاد کدو

This Homeynumnum Zucchini salad makes your day. It is very low calorie and you will love the taste of Organic Salad. 4 Organic grated...

Salad Shirazi

Salad Shirazi with Herbs

salad shirazi is named on Shiraz city one of the best popular cities in south Iran. It makes with small chopped Cucumber and tomato and...

PotatoSoy salad

HomeyNumNum PotatoSoy salad, High protein Low fat :-)

Quick High protein Low fat HomeyNumNum salad takes only half an hour to get ready. Boil 2 medium potatoes and 1 Rio tuna can for 20...

Milaneza margaridas vegetais pasta

Milaneza margaridas vegetais pasta

Pasta is always good and we can make it more delicious when we add cream or milk. I really care to not losing the milk advantage after long...

Flawless Tea time with Homeynumnum

Flawless Tea Time with HomeyNumNum

This is my Father’s heritage to me! Home remedy with homey tea and enjoying more the life with Natural Organic teas combination. Now...

Persian Broad bean-rice wt chicken

My Mom’s Persian Recipes are incredible delicious دست پخت های مامانم افسانه ای خوشمزه است

Broad bean is one of my favorite beans that I could digest easily and its taste is awesome. Broad bean is amazing source of Iron, folic...

Special Homey Potato Salad

Special Homey Potato Salad

It is all combination of: 2 medium boiled potatoes Chopped lettuce + baby carrots + olives + onion + fresh mushrooms + olives and cucumber...

Non- Oil Fried Shrimp

Mini Calorie Fried Shrimp نیمرو ی بدون روغن و کم کالری میگو

Combine one small pack of frozen shrimps with mozzarella cheese , Chopped spinach , 4 eggs , dried Rosemary and salt and pepper gently....

Green cool Yogurt

Green cool Yogurt

I love This green-White HomeyNumNum Recipe. You feel full and it is digestible. Ingredient that should be mixed finely: Yogurt Grated raw...