Saturday 19 January 2019
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Bonab Restaurant-Tehran

Persian Distinctive Kebab کباب ممتاز ایرانی

Persian Kebab is different! You don’t believe me till you try the Persian kebab varieties. In my onion, all kebabs are delicious and...

Grilled Shrimp Salad

Grilled Shrimp Salad سالاد میگو بریان

Nothing is better than Light Healthy Protein Salad for dinner. Homey Num Num Salad contains Chopped Lettuce + Cucumber + Carrot + onion...

Fresh Celery+carrot+apple+ginger Juice

My eating plan Works to lose your fat برنامه غذایی من کار میکنه و لاغرتون میکنه

I don’t believe a hard diet actually I don’t believe in tough Diet! But keeping balance and giving shock to the body, is my...

KFC Grilled chicken salad

There is Always a Better Option همیشه انتخابی بهتر وجود داره

I guess we all like fast foods!!! They are every where, cheap and very delicious, you can get it fast or take away. Any type of fast food...

Grilled chicken & Avocado sandwich

Freshly Juicy Grilled chicken & Avocado sandwich ساندویچ آبدار و تازه مرغ کبابی و آواکادو

There is always a way you choose your healthy Sandwich where ever you are. This is very easy Grilled Chicken breast with mixed fresh...