Saturday 19 January 2019
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Category: NumNum Lifestyle


Feelings and Emotions are really valued tools احساسات و هیجان ها واقعاً ابزار نفیسی هستن

Feelings and emotions are really valued to tell us immediately what we are thinking. Ask yourself what are you thinking right now and guide...

My Citrus Tree White Blossom

My Lime Tree White Blossom شکوفه سفید درخت لیموی من

Such amazing Citruses… I love my lime tree… How these tiny little limes can make me happy? My son calls them: Newborn or Baby...

My Stunning Days

My Stunning Days Gift موهبت روزهای محشر من

بهترین روزهای زندگی و عمرت رو در کنار و همراه کسانی سر کن که در روزهای تنهایی...

Sweet Friends make Your Sweet Moments

Sweet Friends make Your Sweet Moments

Having Great friend who arranges a great New year gathering is a Gift. Nasim ( my Friend) would love to organize traditional Persian...

Happy NovRooz: Persian New Year

Happy NovRooz: Persian New Year

Novrooz is Traditional Persian New year. It starts the first day of spring to bring freshness, health and happiness. The pronunciation of...

Gilac Restaurant- Park Prince- Tehran

This is Gilac Restaurant: Where you should try even once in your life :-) این رستوران گیلک ه

WOW! It’s Gilac Restaurant. Gilac Restaurant placed in Tehran- Vanak Sq. Shiraz shomali – Park prince complex.  This Gilaki...

Al Qudra Lakes, Dubai, UAE

Destiny and gladness is right here سرنوشت و شادی همینجاست

Do not think too much! Pick up your favorite foods and snacks. Prepare needful and urgent stuff and drive. Friday, I was thinking where we...

Bonab Restaurant-Tehran

Persian Distinctive Kebab کباب ممتاز ایرانی

Persian Kebab is different! You don’t believe me till you try the Persian kebab varieties. In my onion, all kebabs are delicious and...

Kobbah/Kibbeh Dumpling

Syrian Hospitality & Foods are very close to Persian

That was awesome day, When My friend who is the mother of my Son’s school mate ,invited us for ” after school ” time with...

Barbecue weekend

Dubai Winter weekend gathering

What ever you call Barbecue/BBQ/Barby or Barbeque, does not matter. The important aim is the taste of meat/fish or chicken and most...