Saturday 19 January 2019
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Wholesome grains plus protein soup

Wholesome grains plus protein soup سوپ سالم غلات و پروتئین

One cup of Soup mix grains ( 7 mixed full fiber grains from Waitrose Supermarket ), Soak it in the fresh cold water overnight and refresh...

ChiQuiy Soup

ChiQuiy Soup :-)

2 Chopped big onions Half glass alphabet ( Alfabeto) Noodles One chicken leg One glass Mixed frozen vegetables: Chopped carrot+green...

Potato Salad

Sweet Potato Salad سالاد سیب زمینی شیرین

Sweet potato is rich in Beta-carotene. That’s why this potato is sweet. Our body needs Beta-carotene to provide  Vitamin A. Sweet...

Sweet potato+quinoa Salad

Spring Sweet potato+quinoa Salad سالاد بهاری سیب زمینی شیرین و کینوآ

Cooked quinoa for 15-20 minutes. Don’t drain Cooked and chopped sweet potatoes and one egg Chopped Cucumber pickles + Cucumber +...

Persian Traditional GhormehSabzi

Persian Traditional GhormehSabzi Stew قرمه سبزی، خورشت سنتی ایرانی

This Stew is very delicious with low-sour taste. Maybe some Turkish or Persian family like to make it more sour and salty. Ghormeh means...

Barbecue weekend

Dubai Winter weekend gathering

What ever you call Barbecue/BBQ/Barby or Barbeque, does not matter. The important aim is the taste of meat/fish or chicken and most...

Good Evening Salad

Good evening my favorite Salad عصر بخیر سالاد جونم

Just very simple but healthy juicy salad: White cheese/ Feta cheese        Cucumber      Tomato       Black...

Fresh Celery+carrot+apple+ginger Juice

My eating plan Works to lose your fat برنامه غذایی من کار میکنه و لاغرتون میکنه

I don’t believe a hard diet actually I don’t believe in tough Diet! But keeping balance and giving shock to the body, is my...