Saturday 19 January 2019
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Oriental Mix Omelet

Oriental Mix Omelet املت سبزیجات مخلوط آسیایی

The first time you make this omelet, will be the beginning of a Yummy story in your Kitchen. It takes short time to make it but long time...

Cow-pea salad

Cow-pea salad سالاد لوبیا چشم بلبلی

The ingredients is very easy to prepare: One Can of ready Cowpea or you can cook it yourself. 1 big boiled potato. Chopped 1 small can of...

Spinach-Tuna Fried

Spinach- Tuna Dinner in 10 minutes :-) شام کوکوی تن ماهی و اسفناج در 10 دقیقه

We love to spend minimum time for a healthy fresh meal and enjoy eating  in peace of mind. It is right here: Half pack of frozen Spinach,...

Puffy parsley cutlet

Puffy parsley cutlet کوکو یا کتلت پفکی جعفری

Ingredient for 4 persons: 400 gr. Fresh chopped Parsley 3 eggs 300 gr. Soy food, soaked in the water for 20 minutes Salt and pepper, Olive...

NumNum Yellow-Green

NumNum Yellow-Green خوشمزگی زرد و سبز

It takes just 10-12 minutes to create and cook a NumNum meal / snack. I just check out freezer or refrigerator to make a delicious easy...

Homey Tonic Salad

Homey Tonic Salad سالاد مقوی خونگی

Boil one medium potato and 3 eggs. Remove the peels and chop them. Boil one Light Tuna in the water and add on top of your fresh salad. The...

Chubby Yummy Dinner/Lunch

Chubby Yummy Dinner/Lunch شام/نهار خیکی خپل خوشمزه

You know, I like the change…Healthy good change…Now it is a good change when you make a chubby beefy lunch or dinner or maybe...

Fresh Celery+carrot+apple+ginger Juice

My eating plan Works to lose your fat برنامه غذایی من کار میکنه و لاغرتون میکنه

I don’t believe a hard diet actually I don’t believe in tough Diet! But keeping balance and giving shock to the body, is my...