Saturday 19 January 2019
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Category: Homey Recipes

Persian Broad bean-rice wt chicken

My Mom’s Persian Recipes are incredible delicious دست پخت های مامانم افسانه ای خوشمزه است

Broad bean is one of my favorite beans that I could digest easily and its taste is awesome. Broad bean is amazing source of Iron, folic...

Special Homey Potato Salad

Special Homey Potato Salad

It is all combination of: 2 medium boiled potatoes Chopped lettuce + baby carrots + olives + onion + fresh mushrooms + olives and cucumber...

Non- Oil Fried Shrimp

Mini Calorie Fried Shrimp نیمرو ی بدون روغن و کم کالری میگو

Combine one small pack of frozen shrimps with mozzarella cheese , Chopped spinach , 4 eggs , dried Rosemary and salt and pepper gently....

Green cool Yogurt

Green cool Yogurt

I love This green-White HomeyNumNum Recipe. You feel full and it is digestible. Ingredient that should be mixed finely: Yogurt Grated raw...

Chicken broth, Quinoa & Mushrooms plus soup

Chicken broth, Quinoa & Mushrooms plus soup

Simply Make it: Chicken broth One big pack of fresh mushrooms, chopped Mixed vegetables: Chopped spinach, parsley, dill, Basil, celery,...

RIB- EYE @ Fibbers again :-)

I just love to keep posting My favorite Rib-eye portion picture at Fibber Magee’s Dubai, sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. Cheeeeeeeeeeeeers-...

Luftig Moment

Luftig Moment لحظاتی خنک و شادی بخش

These Juicy ice cubes make your moment much cooler and sweeter. In a blender you mix the fresh mixed berries and one spoon honey and lemon...

Noodle Bowl Restaurant- Dubai

Noodle Bowl Restaurant

I really loved the taste of Malaysia/Chinese Noodle bowl restaurant in Dubai. I am sure you like to try one of those lovely and some...

Limey Soup

Limey Soup

In a soup pan, pour 2 chopped onions, one tablespoon tomato paste and 3 chicken thighs. fry for 2 minutes and add water. Let it boils and...

Mini Juicy Watermelons

Mini Juicy Watermelons هندونه های کوچولوی آبدار

There is always a chance to find a juicy sweet red watermelon. I found these mini watermelons in Um Al Quwain- UAE. Watermelon is about 92%...