Monday 10 December 2018
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Shrimp-Parsley-Lettuce-Chickpea-Corn-Green bean Salad

It makes you feel great این سالاد حالتون رو سرجا میاره

You will feel great just after preparing and serving this Salad: 200 gr. Frozen shrimps 100 gr. frozen Green beans 100 gr. Ready chickpeas...

Homey Salad in 10 minutes

Homey Salad in 10 minutes

Just chop the ingredient: Cucumber, Parsley, Onion, raw Zucchini and Tomato … Plus Green peas ( ready or cooked) Sauce: Fresh Lemon...

Country-minced Beef Dinner

Country-minced Beef Dinner شام نان کانتری و بیف چرخ کرده

Easy yummy dinner Fry the Minced beef and one big chopped onion with adding 3 chopped garlic gloves. Cover with lid for 30 minutes to be...

meat and potato cutlet

Meat & potato cutlet کتلت سیب زمینی و گوشت

Meat & potato cutlet کتلت سیب زمینی و گوشت Ingredient: For 2 persons 100 gr minced meat 1 big grated onion 2...

Fresh colorful salad

Fresh and colorful salad سالاد رنگی تروتازه

Peel a whole carrot plus chopped onion + lettuce + Chive + Parsley + Cucumber + Tomato + Black Olives with adding Avocado oil, sea salt and...