Saturday 19 January 2019
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Category: Green Recipes

Mediterranean Pasta

Mediterranean Pasta پاستای مدیترانه ای

I am actually a Fan of Mediterranean Diet. I don’t call it:Diet but “healthy plan”   My homey Mediterranean Pasta is...

Niloo's cous cous salad

Niloo’s delightful Salad سالاد دلپذیر نیلو

Niloo is My Healthy Pilates Trainer friend. I like her taste of food and lifestyle. This is a very delight easy Salad you can make it in...

Farahnaz's Wholesome Sweet peppers salad

Wholesome Sweet Peppers Salad سالاد پرویتامین فلفل دلمه رنگی

It’s better I call it: Farahnaz’s Wholesome sweet pepper salad. She is my sweet friend with lovely taste of meals. Bell peppers...

Asparagus, green numnum

Asparagus, green numnum مارچوبه، خوشمزه سبز

Asparagus is a green taste of life for me. You can steam fresh Asparagus for 5 minutes or use the ready can one or even boiled asparagus...

Green-Purple salad time

Green- Purple salad time وقت سالاد سبز و بنفش

As you can see in the picture, my salad is just combination of fresh chopped Red cabbage, Cauliflower, 1 Cucumber, 1 onion, 1 tomato and...

QuiCarrot Soup

30 minutes QuiCarrot Soup سوپ هویج و گینوآ

That’s very simple to create something new, something very delicious and light to keep your energy high with very low calorie. Since...

Healthy Snap bean and green Pea cutlet

Healthy Snap bean and green Pea cutlet کتلت لوبیا سبز و نخود فرنگی

Healthy Snap bean and green Pea cutlet کتلت کم کالری و سالم لوبیا سبز و نخود فرنگی Ingredient: 200 gr....