Saturday 19 January 2019
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Category: Green Recipes

Green Thick Soup

Vegetables thick Soup سوپ غلیظ سبزیجات

I have talked about that 7mixed grains That I always buy from waitrose Supermarket. Soak one glass of this “Soup mix” in the...

Tasty Geant Pirozhki

Tasty Geant Pirozhki & HomeyNumNum spicy Dip پیراشکی خوشمزه گنده با سس( دیپ) تند هومی نام نام

This Geant Piroshki ( Pirozhki) is enough for 3 persons. I am sure you will love to have more. One tuna Can Half pack frozen spinach 4oo...

Potato Salad

Sweet Potato Salad سالاد سیب زمینی شیرین

Sweet potato is rich in Beta-carotene. That’s why this potato is sweet. Our body needs Beta-carotene to provide  Vitamin A. Sweet...

Specific Greenness of Vegetables

Specific Greenness of Vegetables تازگی و شادابی خاص سبزیجات

We should thank God for all Special Gifts and delicacies. Notice that Fresh Healthy foods are more available and cheaper in any countries...

Sweet potato+quinoa Salad

Spring Sweet potato+quinoa Salad سالاد بهاری سیب زمینی شیرین و کینوآ

Cooked quinoa for 15-20 minutes. Don’t drain Cooked and chopped sweet potatoes and one egg Chopped Cucumber pickles + Cucumber +...

Butterfly Salad

Butterfly Pasta Salad سالاد پاستا پروانه

Boil half pack Farfalle Pasta in the water for 10-15 minutes.Then drain it. Keep it in the separate bowl. Boil also Frozen Mixed...

Puffy parsley cutlet

Puffy parsley cutlet کوکو یا کتلت پفکی جعفری

Ingredient for 4 persons: 400 gr. Fresh chopped Parsley 3 eggs 300 gr. Soy food, soaked in the water for 20 minutes Salt and pepper, Olive...

NumNum Yellow-Green

NumNum Yellow-Green خوشمزگی زرد و سبز

It takes just 10-12 minutes to create and cook a NumNum meal / snack. I just check out freezer or refrigerator to make a delicious easy...

Traditional Persian Borani

Borani :Traditional Persian Appetizer بورانی : پیش غذای سنتی ایرانی

This is one of the best Traditional Persian appetizer or starters. I have it as a main course. It’s very easy to cook. Cook Frozen or...

20 minutes Green Soup

20 minutes Green Soup سوپ گیاهی بیست دقیقه ای

I was thinking about a light soup with Quinoa.Then I thought if the taste became good, will post my recipe !!! 😀 So, It’s...