Saturday 19 January 2019
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Category: Homey Fitness and Health

Our journey is very short, don't hurt each other

Our Life journey is very short. Dwell with Love

Forget all things what make you upset. Forgive the people ( close or far) who hurt you and let it pass. I woke up today with the bad dream...

Burning 800 calories in one hour

You love yourself more when Exercise & take care of your body وقتی از بدنتون مراقبت میکنین و ورزش میکنین ، بیشتر عاشق خودتون میشین

When you exercise your muscles need 10 to 18 times more blood. Also they use 20 times more sugar and oxygen. Your body needs to do...


I am Eminent من والا مقام و متعال هستم

Every day repeat these sentences:I deserve to be successful, Lucky & Healthy I forgive everyone, everything in past & future. I am...

Vodka vs. Fresh Watermelon Juice

Vodka vs. Fresh Watermelon Juice: Write your Diary خاطرات روزانه تون رو بنویسین

Which one you would love to choose? It’s good to mix them both together 😉 One of the best Depression home remedy is writing our...

Grilled Shrimp Salad

Grilled Shrimp Salad سالاد میگو بریان

Nothing is better than Light Healthy Protein Salad for dinner. Homey Num Num Salad contains Chopped Lettuce + Cucumber + Carrot + onion...

Peace-loving Breakfast with Raheleh

Peace-loving Breakfast with Lovely Friend gives you more Positive Energy

What makes you feel good? when I was getting ready to run into the gym for 2 hours exercising plan, phone ring stopped me : Rahele, my old...

Nastaran drinks water during exercise

Drink water during exercise در مدتیکه ورزش و تمرین میکنین، آب بنوشین

During work out, it is really essential to drink water. Your exercise performance can decline if you don’t drink water and hydrate...

Bread benefits

Wholegrain Bread gives you, Energy نان پر غلات بهتون انرژی میده

Bread is an important part of our daily meal. It is rich in fiber, Vitamins, minerals, protein and energy-providing carbohydrate.  Some...

Strawberry-Yogurt-Honey smoothie

Pinkish Strawberry-Yogurt-Honey smoothie keeps your beautiful fit body اسموتی صورتی توت فرنگی-ماست و عسل، کمک به تناسب اندام زیباتون میکنه

If you like the taste of fruit yogurt, I suggest you to make it yourself at home to avoid lots of sugar in ready fruit yogurt at...

HomeyNumNum Spicy Dip

Homey Num Num Fresh Spicy Dip مزه/دیپ تند و تازه هومی نام نام

You will love this dip because of full of its all healthiness and freshness. My dip can be served with all types of Pizza, sandwiches,...