Saturday 19 January 2019
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Category: Homey Fitness and Health

Taleghan-Iran-Summer 2016

Be Kind To Yourself با خودتون مهربون باشید

How did you spend your day Today? Respect yourself. Be kind to yourself. Control your mind and keep balance in your life. Sometimes we...


Feelings and Emotions are really valued tools احساسات و هیجان ها واقعاً ابزار نفیسی هستن

Feelings and emotions are really valued to tell us immediately what we are thinking. Ask yourself what are you thinking right now and guide...

Cherry vs. Sour Cherry

Cherry vs. Sour Cherry

This is Summer! This is Sun, heat and Vitamin D. It’s also all about happy holidays and free times by managing to your business to...

Quail Eggs Benefits

Enjoy having Quail Eggs weekly

The Quail eggs have measurable nutritional values. I buy quail eggs whenever I but chicken eggs. Quail eggs are very smaller than chicken...

My Stunning Days

My Stunning Days Gift موهبت روزهای محشر من

بهترین روزهای زندگی و عمرت رو در کنار و همراه کسانی سر کن که در روزهای تنهایی...

Specific Greenness of Vegetables

Specific Greenness of Vegetables تازگی و شادابی خاص سبزیجات

We should thank God for all Special Gifts and delicacies. Notice that Fresh Healthy foods are more available and cheaper in any countries...

Al Qudra Lakes, Dubai, UAE

Destiny and gladness is right here سرنوشت و شادی همینجاست

Do not think too much! Pick up your favorite foods and snacks. Prepare needful and urgent stuff and drive. Friday, I was thinking where we...

Bonab Restaurant-Tehran

Persian Distinctive Kebab کباب ممتاز ایرانی

Persian Kebab is different! You don’t believe me till you try the Persian kebab varieties. In my onion, all kebabs are delicious and...

Sweet Heart Honey Benefits

Sweet Gold Benefits: Honey فایده های طلای شیرین: شهد زنبورعسل

Honey is my sweet heart. I call it:” Sweet Gold”. Drinking of The Healthy sweet combination: warm water+honey+fresh lime juice...

You deserve The wonderful Life, Health and success

You deserve The wonderful Vita, Health and success تو لایق یک حیات، موفقیت و سلامتی شگفت انگیز هستی

Do not compare yourself to anyone else. Do not compare your life to anyone else life. Our value is more than getting ourselves compared. ...