Saturday 19 January 2019
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Even A Tomato a Day keeps your body Perfect خوردن حتی روزی یک عدد گوجه فرنگی، بدنتون رو عالی نگه میداره

Except Lemon,”my every day energy and detox”, I don’t forget to have a tomato every day and you should have it as well....

Asparagus, green numnum

Asparagus, green numnum مارچوبه، خوشمزه سبز

Asparagus is a green taste of life for me. You can steam fresh Asparagus for 5 minutes or use the ready can one or even boiled asparagus...

Green-Purple salad time

Green- Purple salad time وقت سالاد سبز و بنفش

As you can see in the picture, my salad is just combination of fresh chopped Red cabbage, Cauliflower, 1 Cucumber, 1 onion, 1 tomato and...

Teddy egg-cake

Teddy Egg-Cake کیک تدی تخم مرغی

For this simple cake you need a silicone-bake Bear shape. You can use any type of available cake-shapes what you have at home. 3 eggs 1/2...

Quick pasta-calamari appetizer

Quick pasta-calamari appetizer اردور فوری فوتی ماهی مرکب و پاستا

All you need : 200 gr. Calamari, cleaned and washed 100 gr. fresh mushrooms 100 gr. frozen shrimps 100 gr. cooked in boiled water and...

Little More Mochachino

Save your mind&Body energy for your Life valued purposes انرژی فکری و جسمی تون رو برای اهداف باارزش زندگیتون نگهدارین

Save your mind&Body energy for your Life valued purposes انرژی فکری و جسمی تون رو برای اهداف باارزش...

QuiCarrot Soup

30 minutes QuiCarrot Soup سوپ هویج و گینوآ

That’s very simple to create something new, something very delicious and light to keep your energy high with very low calorie. Since...

30 min. cross trainer

Keep your work-out as a priority. ورزش و نرمش رو جزو اولویت ها تون قرار بدین

Exercise always makes you feel better ورزش و نرمش همیشه بهتون احساس بهتری میده I always speak to my...

Hot Pot

Hot Pot Xiao Wei Yang Restaurant هات پات رستوران بره کوچولو

If you are looking for a hot spicy or non spicy healthy fresh Chinese Restaurant, Xiao Wei Yang is my favorite and suggest it to you. First...